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fibreoptiqueAt the end of november 2014, the Burundian government enrolled it's plans for deploying a Metropolian Area Network, the hardware-step necessary to come to a Burundian comgov. Chinese netgear specialist Huawei was contracted to backup state owned telecompany Onatel. World Bank approved studies suggest a seven percent increase in nominal GDP when a country's communications gets connected to fibre.

A welcome idea to Burundi's cash-strapped coffee-economy. As often seen in development, advances in a country's infrastructure skyrockets far more easy than people's competences. So when constructions will finish, ICT personal has to have completed training so they can manage the system. This demands a real effort of Burundi's educational systems, a demand Burundi's national and private universities or high schools aren't able to answer at the moment, nor in 10 years from now.