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sonyhackedSony got hacked. Again. Seems they like it. Or better: liked it but now got enough of it. Sites seemingly hosting (parts of) Sony's Lost Data (100TB!?), are experincing DDOS-attacks. Some say it's Sony behind these attacks, all we know is Amazon stated “The activity being reported is not currently happening on AWS (Amazon Web Service)”.

Indirectly Amazon confirmed something between Sony and these sharing-servers was happening, but they officially didn't take part in it. Because if so, Sony violates a legal agreement. Sony’s technique is similar to one it employed in the early days of file sharing, when it worked with an anti-piracy firm called MediaDefender. The firm populated file-sharing networks with decoy files labeled with the names of such popular movies as “Spider-Man,” to entice users to spend hours downloading an empty file.

So Sony counterattacks. Cyberspace law has a now another case to reffer to when it comes to hitting back the hacker.