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How to verify DDOS attack with netstat command on Linux Terminal?

Linuxaria shows us a simple way how to check if your server is under attack.

Your server appearing pretty slow could be many things from wrong configs, scripts and dodgy hardware – but sometimes it could be because someone is flooding your server with traffic known as DoS ( Denial of Service ) or DDoS ( Distributed Denial of Service ).


Server A tool to test your webserver by simulating a bunch of traffic.

A Linux Journal investigation.

Setting up Web servers is fairly simple. In fact, it's so simple that once the server is set up, we often don't think about it anymore. It wasn't until I had a very large Web site rollout fail miserably that I started to research a method for load-testing servers before releasing a Web site to production.


redflagLinux Communist Operating System!?

SoftPedia announces that the Chinese Government is willing to make the change to Linux.

China has one of the biggest Windows XP user bases in the world, and shaking this addiction seems to be more difficult than people could have imagined. Now, even the government is getting involved and is asking Windows XP users to switch to a Linux solution, preferably something made in China.